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Representing Clients In Residential Real Estate Closings

Whether you are buying a home or selling a home, the closing process can be overwhelming and confusing. You are presented with pages of contractual documentation and often not given enough time to read through them. Having an experienced real estate attorney on your side can help ease the confusion and make you feel more confident, knowing someone is looking out for you.

At Jordan Fields, P.A., in Stuart, Florida, we provide buyers and sellers with tailored closing and residential real estate transaction representation. We have handled numerous closings and are prepared to deal with a wide range of issues as they arise during closing. With us at your closing, we can address issues right at the time of closing, instead of you having to postpone closing and consult with a lawyer. Our experience also allows us to confidently handle real estate cases as they pertain to probate and estate planning matters.

Affiliation With Stewart Title

While our firm’s insight and experience in real estate closings is beneficial for our clients, so is our affiliation with Stewart Title. Working so closely with a title company, we can ensure that all aspects of title searches and other title work is done in a high quality, efficient manner. It is important that all work is done in advance of closing and we are dedicated to seeing that it is done, whether we are working with Stewart Title or you are working with another title company.

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Email or call our firm to discuss your estate planning or real estate needs. Call at 772-600-4203, or toll free at 888-340-4073. We offer reasonable rates and are a member of the AARP Legal Services Network.


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