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What Is Estate Planning?

At the office of Jordan Fields, P.A., our attorneys and staff can help you understand estate planning, clarify your goals and prepare your estate planning documents. We help people across the Stuart, Florida, area and throughout Treasure Coast with all aspects of the estate planning process.

In our initial consultation, we can discuss your needs and what you hope to accomplish with your estate plan. In many cases, you can leave our office with a personalized estate plan an hour to an hour and a half after you come in. Few law firms are able to match our experience and convenience.

Estate Planning Is…

When talking about estate planning, we are discussing the process of preparing for and organizing a person’s estate while they are still living. Your estate is made up of a wide range of things, including personal property, real estate and monetary assets. It is important to ensure these things are protected, and taxes reduced whenever possible, to maximize the value of your estate for your future, your beneficiaries and your heirs.

As part of the estate planning and asset protection process, our lawyers guide clients in answering questions, such as:

  • Where are my important papers?
  • Who are the important people in my life?
  • Will I need someone to manage my assets?
  • Who will assist me if I am incapacitated?
  • Who am I taking care of?
  • Who will be your beneficiaries upon your death?
  • Are there any unforeseen “problems”?
  • Have I made this plan while I can?
  • Does the plan fit?

These help us create tailored, comprehensive estate plans that suit your goals and wishes.

We also provide additional information to clients, including matters involving common reasons why you may not already have an estate plan, how to move forward with our firm and the below services:

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