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Top Reasons You Don’t Have An Estate Plan Already

1. Life Is Busy. You’ll Get Around To It…Eventually.

Life is very busy. Things move very fast. The years slip by without us even realizing it. However, the longer you go without an estate plan, the more at-risk you and your estate are. Since we are a firm with vast experience in the estate planning area, we are able to efficiently draft documents and create comprehensive estate plans, we strive to complete documents as efficiently as possible. Many people leave our office with their documents the same day they come in.

2. Estate Plans Are Only For The Wealthy

This is one myth that continues to circulate about estate planning. If you own a home, have a retirement account or have minor children, you need an estate plan. Even if you have what you believe are minimal or no assets, an estate plan is in your best interests. Anyone can become incapacitated and need someone to make medical decisions for them. Anyone can die suddenly without any direction as to how their debts and assets are to be handled. You do not need to be a multimillionaire with vacation properties and foreign bank accounts to need an estate plan.

3. It Is Uncomfortable Discussing The “What-Ifs”

Creating an estate plan is essentially crafting a safety net for you in the event that an unforeseen situation arises. What if you are in an accident and cannot make your own decisions regarding medical care? What if you suddenly pass away and leave your family on their own to handle your assets? Yes, these can be uncomfortable topics to discuss. It can be overwhelming. However, our firm stands by clients through all aspects of estate planning to ensure that it moves as smoothly as possible.

4. Having An Attorney Draw Up Your Plan Is Too Expensive

It is true that some lawyers may charge large fees to draft comprehensive estate planning documents. However, not all lawyers do so, like our firm. We pride ourselves on offering affordable, cost-effective estate planning services to clients of all economic backgrounds. The more complex the estate, the more time it will take and the more it may cost. However, we are up-front with our fees and believe estate planning is important enough so that everyone can afford it.

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