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Top Reasons Why You Need An Estate Plan

Many people put off the estate planning process, or avoid it entirely. Other people use computer software to prepare their wills. Most people come in asking “why should I have an estate plan?”

If you want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that an experienced lawyer sat down with you and prepared your will and other estate planning documents, you should talk to our attorneys at the office of Jordan Fields, P.A., in Stuart, Florida. Most of our clients walk in the door and walk out with a personalized estate plan 60 to 90 minutes later.

Top Reasons To Have An Estate Plan

1. Protect Yourself And Your Assets

The primary reason to have an estate plan is to ensure that all monetary assets, real property and personal property are protected. There are numerous estate planning documents and tools that can be used to ensure that funds will be available to you in the future, and that they will be distributed to the proper individuals and organizations upon your death.

2. Preserve Your Voice

Without estate planning documents, your loved ones will not have any way of knowing how you wish to be cared for in the event you become incapacitated or how to handle your estate if you suddenly pass away. By detailing your wishes in your estate planning documents, you can make your voice heard even if you are unable to actually communicate your requests yourself.

3. Protect Minor Children And Loved Ones With Special Needs

If you have children under the age of 18, children with special needs or other loved ones who need care, it is essential that you have an estate plan. Within your plan, you can detail who is to take guardianship and care for any members of your family who are minors or currently under your guardianship.

4. Avoid Probate

Without a comprehensive plan in place, your estate will be handled according to Florida state law. This leaves it at risk of excess fees and distribution that does not fit with how you would have wished your assets to be disbursed.

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