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Handling Real Estate And Probate Matters

It is common for a home or other property to need to be addressed after a person dies. It is also common for children to be faced with selling a home when a parent needs to move into a nursing home or other residence. When these or other real estate situations arise, it is best to consult with an experienced lawyer before moving forward.

We at the office of Jordan Fields, P.A., in Stuart, Florida, have unique insight into these types of real estate cases as we are also highly skilled estate planning and probate lawyers. When talking with you, we can determine how best to protect you and your family members when selling a home. Our firm has handled a large number of senior-based real estate transactions for aging individuals and their family members who are tasked with completing the process.

Viewing Cases From Client And Realtor Perspectives

When dealing with real estate matters, we view the case from a multifaceted perspective. We look at the matter from our clients’ perspective, getting to know them and their goals, to ensure we are pursuing the appropriate resolutions. Our firm also views the case from a realtor’s perspective, providing clients with a straightforward assessment of what they can expect from the sale and if there are any issues that we believe may arise.

We also take great care in ensuring that the people who are signing the documents are in the right state of mind. This is essential in transactions involving seniors who may be suffering from a wide range of physical and mental conditions.

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